Love Is In The Air!

Can you believe it is February already? With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, our minds tend to focus on our spouses, significant others, and partners. Certainly, that is what all the Valentine’s Day ads want us to think about.

Love is another of the 12 Powers with which we have come into this human experience. I have no doubt we all have stories to show just how powerful Love can be. Love allows us to harmonize, to attract ourselves to others, to show affection.  And sometimes, our ego interprets love as lustful desire for things and other people. From our Divine nature, I believe we can’t do anything successfully without exercising this Power.

There is nothing wrong with romantic love. It produces amazing bodily responses: chills, fast-beating hearts, butterflies in the stomach, racing pulses, weak knees, and heads reeling. Thousands of poems and songs have been dedicated to this type of love. We feel different because we ARE different.

The Power of Love also gives us the ability to feel love and affection for others in our life.  I want to take a minute to explore the types of love that sometimes seem to take a back seat to romantic love, especially in February when romantic love seems to be theme. There are so many different forms of love and all just as powerful as the other.

What about the love we have for our children? To me, there is no greater love than that. There is no question I would do anything for my kids. It is a love so deep that when they are sick, you are sick. When they are hurting, you are hurting, when they are happy, you are happy and when their accomplishments are celebrated, you feel as though you are celebrated. And it lasts a lifetime, no matter what. It is as close to unconditional love as I have ever experienced. The only exception might be the love I have for my grandchildren. J

The love of our parents – We may not have always liked them, but they were your first playmates, your first friends, your first love, first to make you feel appreciated, and valued. Regardless of any rocky roads you may have experienced with your parents, these two people had your best interest in mind in everything they did for you. If you can wrap your head around that belief, than anything else just falls away.

The love of your friends – I don’t know about you, but my friends come in all sizes, shapes and personalities. Some are serious, some make me laugh so boisterous and long, my sides ache, and some are just plain silly. Most, however, are a combination of all these traits and I wouldn’t change a thing. I can count on my friends to l lift me up when I am down, help me when I need it, celebrate with me and cry with me. It is a love of companionship that is like no other. I am forever grateful to my friends and believe they deserve recognition.

And then there is the love of our fur babies. Who else will greet you  at the end of the day so excited to see you, they can hardly contain themselves? They truly take care of you. They protect you from harm and somehow find a way to comfort you in your darker hours. They love to cuddle to let you know just how much they love you. In fact, they are at their happiest just being by your side. Talk about unconditional love! You take care of them as though they were children, easily sacrificing your own needs in order to fulfill theirs.

And there is the love of self. Without true love of self, all other love is impossible. We must truly love ourselves before we can truly love anyone else. I find this, sometimes, to be the most difficult love to embrace. We must learn to let go of what we have been taught this type of love to be:  prideful, conceited, ego-oriented and arrogant superiority. Self-love in the Divine is quiet, humble, modest, respectful, and unpretentious. It is the same type of love we want from others.

All of these are examples of love that are worth celebrating. All love matters. So I encourage you when you are shopping for your “honey” don’t forget a token of gratitude for the other loves in your life.

Next month: The Power of Strength


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