Happy New Year!


Happy New Year 2017! What thought(s) cross your mind at New Year’s? No matter how we remember the year that has just ended, most likely the one thought we all have in common is: “Hope this year is better than last year!” Whether the year before was a good year (you hope for more ) or a bad year (you hope that run of bad luck is over).


It is exciting to think we are getting a “second chance.” You may even be making a list of resolutions for the New Year … even if it is the same list from the year before. That is “Hope” in action.


So what exactly is Hope? Definition.org explains it this way:  To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment.”   It battles the thought your mind is telling you that “It” will never happen (whatever your “it” might be). You can have Hope without Faith. That is when your desires remain a wish and never quite seem to become reality. In other words, Hope is where our dreams are born and  Faith is the knowing that brings those dreams to manisfestation.  


Faith is one of the 12 Powers with which we come into this human experience (I will talk about the other powers in future blogs). Faith is defined as the ability to believe with confidence; “to know that you know” with conviction.


However, our human experiences sometimes tend to get in the way of our Faith, leaving hope to repeat itself time and again. Here’s how I believe it works: When Faith is manifested through our human consciousness, we not only believe in the good stuff, but we tend, also, to believe in the negativity of outer appearances. Therefore, this leaves us believing our fears, reasons for distrust,  and cynical outlook are also very real, separating us from our Divine nature.


So, as you move forward in 2017, I encourage you to have Faith, along with your hopes. That is the key to making those dreams come true!


Next month: The Power of Love

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