The End of Winter … Begining of Spring

March is full of activities, don’t you think? We have March Madness (Go Tarheels!), St. Patrick’s Day and the official arrival of Spring (even if the temperature hasn’t quite got the message yet). And, for me personally, I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the 7 birthdays my family celebrates. That breaks down to more than 25% of the month! I am sure you can think of other events that affect you personally, too.


March is also the perfect month to look at the Power of Strength. It is the ability to endure, persist, persevere and stay the course. Strength gives us the energy to move forward. You know, the strength to endure your team not making it to the Final Four. Or maybe it gives us the strength to persist in passing on that “one last” green beer before heading home. I know I need the strength to remember everyone’s birthday, making sure I pick something special for each and every one. And we can’t forget March’s fickle weather. We use our Power of Strength to persevere drastic weather changes: 72 degrees on Monday and you wake up to snow on Tuesday. There is some truth to that old expression: “March comes in like lion and (most times) goes out like a lamb.” The Power of Strength allows us, literally, to stay the course, knowing Spring is really right around the corner. And for me, makes that snow storm I wasn’t expecting much easier to handle.


Of course, these types of issues are minor compared to the really difficult issues we sometimes face in life. For example: money issues, work deadlines, emotional issues with family or a friend, i.e. disagreements that need conversation and resolution. I currently have people in my life who going through some pretty serious health challenges. I rely heavily on my inner Power of Strength to walk beside my friends, giving them encouragement and assistance where ever I can. On a lighter note, every day I call on my inner Divine Strength to deal with those “other” drivers on the road (the way people drive is one of biggest pet peeves). What is your pet peeve?


On the flip side, we might use our Power of Strength to be stubborn, obstinate, and headstrong, developing the negative attitude we sometimes embrace when things don’t go the way we expected them to: your team doesn’t make to the Final Four or snow and cold temperatures interrupt an outing you have been planning.


When we use our Divine Strength to stay the course, to be flexible and continue forward, we are using that strength from our elevated consciousness … from our own Divinity. Choosing strength from our own Divinity, we are calling on our Divine Strength to move through the difficult emotions that have the potential to hold us back.


As with our Powers of Faith and Love – and the other Powers we will be discussing – the choice is always ours. We choose how these Powers will affect our lives. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Doing it can be tougher; it takes discipline and strength (I know … I hear the irony).


Next month: Power of Dominion

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