Welcome to Soul Symmetry By Renée!

burning candleThank you for stopping by to explore my site! You are about to embark an exciting adventure of self-discovery.

Soul Symmetry is an opportunity to learn how choices you have made in present and past lifetimes are affecting your life experience today. With this knowledge, you can take actions to change your current experiences, which will literally change your life!

What is Soul Symmetry and How Does It Work?

Soul Symmetry is the process of tapping into the ancient Akashic Records, an energetic “database” that stores information about all the choices your soul has ever made. This includes choices your soul made in past lifetimes as well as current lifetimes. These choices affect everything! The good news is that, with the understanding about the choices, you can actually change the direction of your life as you know it now. That’s exciting!!

(Learn more about Akashic Records here)

What is a Soul Symmetry Reading?

In Soul Symmetry , I access the Akashic Records to inform you about the Divine nature of your own Soul. This is done by accessing information based on the Soul’s origination. I can also show you about how your choices have shaped your own experience over the course of many lifetimes. The information given in a reading will assist you in expressing your own Divine nature in everyday life. It also offers an empowering explanation as to why you are experiencing many of their current circumstances. I also energetically “clear” your Akashic Records of negative influences experiences. The overall intent of Soul Symmetry is always to assist you in aligning, through choice, with your own Divine nature in order to create a human experience of abundance and fulfillment.